Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Friends


it's already dawn but i still cant sleep. i feel so tired.

i went out last night with friends coz julius is already leaving for manila today. while we were walking, someone called from our back. both of them does look familiar but from their question, i concluded that they're not from here. they asked us if we can tell them where pantalan is. i told them that it was far but we're on our way there so they can come with us. the guy was very familiar so i asked them where they came from. he said they were from samar(a.k.a western samar). and just after he said that, julius finally said something. he asked him if he's Jireh and the guy said yes. So he's Jireh, i also know him, just his name. I know him coz he always join regional contests and my classmates know him. He was with her friend, Verna. They were visiting borongan and are staying at Jireh's aunt. They were with us til we went home. It's good to meet new people especially when it was just accidental. =)

btw, my sister visited my blog again!i hate her!i already told her that she should not visit my blog but she's still doing it. i dont know how i can stop her. the only way i can think of is to change my URL but it's really hard changing urls coz it makes people get lost. i really dont know what i should do!!!huhuhu

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