Sunday, May 28, 2006

Damn! Good Luck!


got pissed off when my sister told me that the computer wasnt functioning the night before yesterday. i wasnt able to sleep early that evening so i took my guitar and went to the rooftop. i stayed there of an hour and went to my room to sleep but i wasnt able to. so, again, i went to the basement and watched tv. i went upstairs past one.

yesterday, i got up past eight to attend my driving lessons but i wasnt able to go there. my sister and i went to the computer shop along with our CPU. we waited there til it was fixed and then they said that the problem was on the switching power source so they installed a new one. we went home before lunch time and connected the CPU. damn!a blue screen appeared. i then went to the shop, again, and asked them what happened. they tried to open it but that blue screen kept on appearing. they opened the CPU and changed the memory card but nothing happened. they said that they'll reformat it to find out if the problem was on the hard disk and told me that they'll charge me 400 for that. i told them (meant it as a joke) that i have no money so they made it 200. i said that it was still too high and that i'll be the one to reformat it if they'll just lend me the OS installer since i already have the motherboard installer. god!they were so good!they said that they'll be the one to reformat it for free!hehehehe..galing ah! =)

i went home to eat lunch and went to the cafe to check my mails. i stayed for more than an hour and went home coz my sis texted me. we attended our driving lessons and went to the shop. there was still a problem. the processor was over-heating and the fan should be replaced with a new one. i then went home to get money and went back to get my CPU.

It was already past six in the evening when i arrived home and installed the drivers. after the graphics has been installed, i installed my modem so i can connect to the internet. as i was downloading other installers, someone called at the gate so i opened it. it was my friends. mga lasing nga eh! nag-inuman kasi sila. tinext nila ko so i can go there but i didnt go coz i want to fix my computer (my sis would kill me if i wont). they stayed here til past eleven and went to the alumni in pilot(elementary school).

syempre, mawawala ba naman ang pictures?!

it was a request that i post the pictures here...
that's all folks! =)

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