Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Needles Play


got pissed off by this "HUMBLE" visitor who signed my tagboard. how dare he/she say that his/her work is better than mine when (s)he didnt even leave a link that i could visit to prove his statement! i made it clear to everyone that im just a new user of photoshop that's why my work is not that good compared to others. but it's still not proper to make such comments especially when you dont even know the person.

here's for YOU, stupid! thanks to cbox i got your IP. i already banned it so dont you dare try to do that again!

basta bahala na! kung mangyari pa 'to, binalaan na kita, i love playing with needles and di ako mag-aalangan gamitin yun sayo. if you get what i mean...

til here, nanonood pa ako ng majika.

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