Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Night Out

i thought...

i spoiled the whole morning,sleeping. woke up past ten and noticed my sis looking at me as if she was going to eat me. she always tell me every morning that i should stop sleeping late and start waking up early. so i got up and went downstairs. i faced the mirror near the kitchen and scratched my head with my hand as a sign of annoyance as i saw her approaching. she made a slight move towards the kitchen and said after gaining back her balance that i should mop the kitchen floor. i declined to what she said and told her that i already mopped it the day before. She then pushed me and said it was mother who wants me to mop it again. quickly, i managed to go through her to the CR.

as i was washing my face, i got my mind running and thought of the answers why i resist to get up early every morning. some of my lame excuses just popped up my head. i am just so dumb to get up early and too lazy to make my daily chores. that's all the best i can think of. so what i did was go to the kitchen and took the mop from the sink and start mopping. i finished it faster than yesterday so i got the time to go back to my room and lay on my bed with exhaustion.

after some time, i went downstairs and opened the monitor of my computer. i checked out some of my mails and visited my blog for no reason. just as i was turning the computer off, my sis called me and told me that it was time for lunch. i went directly to the kitchen to check out the food mother prepared for us. after the eating, i collected the plates we used and washed them(it was my turn to wash). again, i went directly to my room after i finished washing. i sleeped the whole afternoon and thought my day would end just like that. sooooo boring. it's always the same everyday.

i opened my phone as i was sitting down to watch the tv and saw there was a message from charisse(my classmate in high school). i thought it was her regular text, GOOD AFTERNOON. but it wasnt. here's how it goes:

oi, kadi kam yana ha munisipyo kirigta kita, pagabi, sagot ni marianne..iya in celebration han iya bday! dalia na!

i wont translate it. or should i say, i cant.

i went to meet them and was so happy to see them all. not all of my hyskul classmates were present coz many of them have summer classes. we stayed infront of the municipal building for quite some time and decided to go to the seawall. we just walked and talked about the latest news and chikas of everyone til we finally arrived there. we arranged some tables and ate pizza, some barbeque and pusso. we talked alot. it was really obvious that everyone was looking at us, we were soooo noisy. everyone was talking. julius was even shouting. hanzelle and tope, too. i heared jesse said that nothing has changed. everyone was still the same. it's true, nothing has changed YET!

im so happy to see everyone talking and telling stories about their own experiences, how they cope with their lives in manila, cebu, or wherever they go. it seemed that everyone was contented of their life now.

i forgot who suggested we go to pantalan but we went their. again, we just walked. it was kinda far but didnt noticed it coz we were all busy talking.hehehe when we arrived there, amiel saw a firefly and tried to catch it. i like seeing fireflies at night so amiel and i went near the bushes to find other fireflies and put it on a container. it was so nice to see many fireflies in the container glowing.

julius, hanzelle, jelyn, tope, and cha played patentero(a game we used to play when we were still in elem and hs). we enjoyed watching them running from one base to another(whatever you call it). after the game, they joined us and were still hyper. we continued our talk for an hour and decided to walk home.

it ended so fast but it's still the best thing i did this summer.

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