Friday, May 05, 2006

Fanatic Wannabe

new BG!

hay, i've made another bg while playing with the brushes of photoshop yesterday afternoon. it's a lil bit messy but that's why i love it!

ive also made a bg of "Return of the Condor Hereos" the day before yesterday. I used it as my bg for a day then used the new one. i made it as a theme coz im watching it every night in GMA. it's called the "Love of the Condor Heroes" but when i searched it through the net, i found out that it was "Return of the Condor Heroes". I know the story coz ive already watch the anime version. it's a japanese love story. :)

here's a shot of the other bg i made:

kinda asking why "amber" when all you can see is brown? well, i just like to use amber as the title. that's it. brown is not very far from amber, anyway. ayt?

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