Monday, June 12, 2006

Miss A Lot of Things

missing borongan

i planned the whole weekend weeks before last week but nothing came out the way i wanted it to be. i went here to tacloban last monday due to an emergency. Though it wasnt so urgent, my mom kept on using the word, emergency. Since that day, nothing really happened the way i planned it. i wanted to go home to borongan but i wasnt able to. i just wanted to spend the rest of the summer in my hometown.

though i can do all the things i do there here, still the feeling wouldn't be the same. even though borongan is a boring place and has no signs yet of urbanization, it still has its own beauty that i miss so much everytime im here in tacloban. i miss the sound of the waves breaking as it reaches the bank every night before i go to sleep, the fresh air i breathe every morning when i wake up and the beautiful sunshine that makes my day so wonderful. borongan is far from tacloban or any other cities. you cant hear noise from the street after midnight and the air you breathe is so fresh. it's really a wonderful place.

now i cant go back there. i have no time. classes starts on tuesday and i still have alot of things to do. i hope i can go back there as soon as possible. i'll really miss that place.

damned week?!

at last!i passed my comm2 exit test. received my grade from mr. de guzman last wednesday and i got 2.0!'s already a high grade if you're in our school and if you're under sir jing.haha..

i went window shopping last friday afternoon with my nieces, Sheila Lynn and Lyndel. we went to different stores just to find a new school shoes for lyndel. i really hate it, got my self feeling jealous bout them wearing uniforms. i missed my high school days when i was still wearing my school uniform. now, i just wear whatever clothes i have and what's available. that's ok, only there is a problem, every morning i get up and ask myself what to wear. my pants fade alot faster so i spend more money buying new ones. plus, i get tons of clothes to wash every weekend. but anyway, i still love that university.

by the way, i think i saw belle in gaisano while i was paying for the slippers i bought. i saw her at the cashier but i wasnt sure it was her. she was with her mom and she was wearing her school pants (rtrmf). thought it was her from her pictures in friendster. i leaved her a tag last night asking if it was her that i saw. hehe di naman ganon ka laki ang tacloban para impossible kaming magkita. right? bwahaha =P

after in gaisano, i went to dickies to buy the bag i saw from their window. it was beautiful. sling bag xa kaya lang malaki but i still bought it. ok lang naman ung size if im the one wearing it.hehehe propotion lang naman coz im also a big person. wahahaha :P

mahaba-haba na rin 'to ah!i think i'll just stop here. ung iba, sa akin nalang un or i'll just post it next time. bhubye! :D

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