Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sum It All Up

three(3) days...or four?hehehe

Haven't made any updates for the past few days. I've been busy attending my driving class. It started last thursday. [recap:thursday-saturday]
(wed & thur)
My trip from tacloban was so wonderful. I saw this guy in the van station(whatever u call it). He was also going to borongan. I observed him while he was paying for his ticket and thought of any chances that i've already met him in borongan. But i cant remember seeing him here. He's face wasn't familiar. He's good-looking, chinito, has broad shoulders and is only an inch or two higher than me(think so). Damn!he has all the traits im looking for a guy. And yeah, before i forget!!!makatabi ko siya sa van!!! we talked(bout the travel to borongan) but di ko pa rin nalaman name niya..huhuhuh sana makita ko ulit siya...*winks*
nag-end na nga pala ung encantadia last friday night. di gaanong maganda ung ending pero ok na din di naman ako fanatic ng enca.
umuwi na mga classmates ko sa high school kaya nakaalis na ako ng bahay..hehehe...ang saya nga namin kanina. talked about the latest chika pati na news and bagong mga rebelasyon...bwahahaha

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