Saturday, August 02, 2008


wit wiw

'tis too funny i get a lot of loads these past months but still have time to think about these nonsense "shades". lol. you probably don't understand what i'm saying; i just can't open these things in mind to the public. believe me, it is way too interesting to think about shades. for the past weeks i think about it a lot. i can't even remember how it started, however, it is wonderful i did. haha

at the very first time i thought about it, i kinda freaked out. it is something so rare and probably something i never thought would pass my mind [but did]. i imagined myself encountering such thing and ended up thinking it is way too creepy and a little less manageable. but then after a while i just became fond of it and now i can totally accept it. lol. i find the topic too interesting that it always pops into my mind every time i sit down and do nothing. i know it's freaky and intriguing in a way but mind you it is not all that. there's more to it. i even do consider it as something that spices my life more. somehow, it brings me some twists so i'm having fun with it.

hahaha. you're probably wondering right now what i'm saying. it's nothing too serious nor too naughty [for green-minded people]. it is just me playing around with words again. haha...sorry for the

**** shades

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