Sunday, August 03, 2008

Now this is what i call a "blog"

Now this is what i call a "blog"

I read my post for the past months and I noticed all of them were too dramatic. Some I would say exaggerated [at this moment - it is] maybe during that time it was the right emotions I was having. Any way, I just made this new post to use up my time [waste it]. I'm supposed to do school work tonight rather I stayed up to search for House M.D. on the net. I wanted to finish the whole fourth season so I resorted on the world wide web. The thing is, I just ended up reading the whole story including the details on each episode. Of course I wasn't satisfied only with that. I partnered it with some clips and vids on youtube since I cant find any full vids on the net [most links that I found were broken]...I was happy though that I was still able to finish it but was too disappointed with how the season ended. 'twas too sad and too gloomy. It was drastic that it ended that way. [huhu]

Err..drama I'm trying to sort out my feelings since while I was reading/watching House MD I tried to squeeze in an anime I'm currently finishing off. It's funny 'coz the story revolves on six high school students that battles through the life in high school. They're all too naive and too clumsy at most times. It's really funny. Oh and the title by the way is "High School Girls". [I watched it to lighten up the atmosphere from House MD. I'm all alone at home and I don't wanna spend the rest of the evening feeling]

Back to my school work, I've got tons of them. I don't know where to start so I ended up doing nothing. My whole weekend was wasted on watching movies and doing other stuffs. I just can't concentrate on my studies right now. The whole "thesis" thingy makes me wanna go crazy and now I'm thinking of not actually graduating at all in college. God knows that I'm just too lazy to do work. [huhuhu]

p.s. Just can't imagine Wilde's got Huntington's at the season finale of House. I really do love her there - even more at the O.C. [errr...hahaha]

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