Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dredge Up

Dredge Up

it's been a long time since i remembered posting about you

i was able to set my mind off of you for some time now
though you pass my mind so often
i just wash you off and find another else to think about
it is either i am now well adjusted to the situation
or maybe i just got so tired thinking about you
either way it made me feel far better comfort
no more late night dramas and frequent hidden stares
waiting that you might glance back at me, think about me,
and even maybe forgive me
that night changed everything
i can now look at you without any hesitation that you might see me
no more tears on my pillowcase that would be wasted upon thinking about you
this does not mean i am closing my doors nor my windows for you
i still am open for another chance
still hoping we'll be friends again
i'll just have to stop myself from going hysterical on what happened to our friendship
maybe one day things would get better for us.

you just popped into my mind. that's all.

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