Sunday, May 04, 2008



I do not share the same experiences as you do and probably the sheer reality that I have never been involved in a relationship before has blinded me to the emotions you are showing me this very moment.

Every time you share me the stories about you and him [edit](her?hahaha)[/edit]], I think of how I would answer you or talk to you.
The exact words would never come out in my mouth and that I would stay silent trying to hear you.
As your friend, I want to help you out, tell you things that would perhaps lighten up your feelings and maybe give you some pieces of advice.
I hope you would understand.
I never experienced any of these and I remain ignorant regarding these stuffs.
This is why you would notice me avoiding these topics because I know I can give only a little bit of help or probably none at all.
Just want you to know even though I am like this, I still care for you.
I may be of no use at all but I can stay and just listen.

Don't be stupid.
I'm talking to you.

...madrama masyado...hahahaha...tuod ka man hadi..joke la..char!=P

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