Wednesday, June 25, 2008



My wind blew far to the east with great joy in its heart
slowly flowing through the skies, passing by all trees.
Leaves just keep swaying bringing songs as it beats.
But my wind grew sadder and thought it might retreat.

My wind blew again to the south down and up the sea
now having a great time with all the dolphins at feast.
Waves grew bigger that brought joy to those on the sea.
Yet my wind still finds holes to its joy and so it decided to leave.

I feel sorry for my wind since it can find no true joy.
Its heart full of sadness that it no longer see hope.
The uncontrollable doubt my wind can not get rid of
would always find a way to ruin everything even joy.

If there would be a certain direction that would not bring more sadness but would bring joy to anyone's heart, then i would go there - no matter how different and difficult it would be.
-my wind

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