Monday, June 30, 2008


Misleading Rant

though i really do want to cry

no tears would come out from my eyes
and though the feeling really is piercingly heavy
i cannot allow myself to be drenched with thoughts
that would only worsen the hurt i feel right now
the whole thing is not really possible yet i still am affected
i want to cry out to the world and tell them how i feel
but no one would understand
no one would listen
at the end, i will just be judged wrongly
i perfectly know that i cannot continue doing this
i tried so many times to stop myself but my mind always failed me
i assure you i would never stop trying
this, i feel, is something i should let go
i am so sorry for the whole thing
i never intended doing this
it just happened
i am deeply sorry
now thinking about it just cuts right through my skin and it is damn too painful!

oh my
i should not be ranting right now
but i really need to open this or else i will burst like hell

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