Tuesday, April 25, 2006



i cant think of a good title right now. the only word that i said yesterday was damn so i used it as the title.
im a bit disappointed right now coz i just read my professor's email stating that i didnt pass my comm2!damn!i need my grade in comm2 tomorrow!yeah, i need it that's why im going to tacloban tomorrow. i just hope i can see him there. i went there once, i think that was the week before the holy week. i went to see if my prof was around, but he wasn't. they said he was onleave! i tried to call his office yesterday but there was no answer. hate to say this but whether he's there in tacloban or not, im still going there tomorrow. i dont know what to do now. i hope he's there. my parents would kill me if they learn that i didnt pass my comm2 again! i badly need my grades.huhuhuh

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