Monday, April 17, 2006

A Break!

yesterday was a break..

since i went home from tacloban, i stayed inside the house. i didnt go out. it was really, really boring during the time my computer wasnt still fixed. the only thing i do was wake up, eat breakfast, take a bath, watch tv, open the computer for updates then go to sleep again. i did the same thing for a week. but yesterday, i didnt. i went out to the beach with my family.

the beach felt hot and the water so cold. though the beach was full of people because it was easter sunday, i still felt really happy. i usually dont want seeing many people in the beach. it makes me think that the water is too dirty to bathe. but not yesterday.

after eating, i went to find a nice place to bathe where no person other than me and my family can swim. i failed. i searched everywhere but there was none. there were so many people in the water. but just the same, me and kuya ton went to the place we usually swim. the water was deep. i was satified thinking that my swimming class has a use at all. it never failed me until i hit a rock. my feet started bleeding so i decided to go back to the cottage. the bleed hasnt stop til i arrived home.

after what happened, i still felt happy because i had a nice time with my sister and my kuya ton. after more than a week in this house of boredom(hehehe) i felt happy again.

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