Friday, March 10, 2006

Amandaraga Falls

Amandaraga Falls in Lawa-an, Eastern Samar

This is the Amandaraga Falls in Lawa-an, Eastern Samar. We visited it last month during our eco-tourism trip. It was very beautiful. It is more beautiful in reality than on picture. Yes, I saw alot of pictures of it in posters when I was still in Eastern Samar but I never imagined it to be very beautiful.

The trip going to Amandaraga falls is very long. I think it took us almost three hours walking on a very rocky road. We even crossed a hanging bridge which almost crashed down because of its age. The experience was very scary but it was fun! After reaching the falls, we wanted to have take a bath but the current was so strong that's why we can't go swimming. So what we did is we walked on the water to get near the falls. It was so beatiful and the water was so refreshing. Even though the trip going there was so tough and tiery, you can say that it was worth it.

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