Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Between

Well, I've been wondering. Is there really such a thing as being "in between"?
Like saying you're no longer angry but still keeping that grudge inside of you?
Or maybe playing half-okay but it still shows you're not.
So as saying there's God but not actually believing in Him?
Why is that we try not to be "this one" but not actually wanting to be the "other one"?
These make me consider the human mind as the biggest conundrum of all.
As to those believing in humanistic existentialism, I'll ask you, "Is being "in between" a product of your choice or merely the phase where you cannot make a choice?"
It's like saying being in between means that you're being on that fine line that separates one thing from the other and you're just too coward to choose and make a final decision.

I guess I should end this. My thoughts are now mixed up making this whole thing more confusing.
Can you forever stay in that line which separates what you're supposed to be and what you're not?

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