Thursday, December 18, 2008

Purple Coincidence

More than a year ago...
I was alone back home and I felt really bored. I flicked through the pages of my old W.I.T.C.H. magazine to counter boredom but it was of no use. I then sank back to my bed with no avail of proper entertainment. My room was already in complete darkness when I found a better way of ridding the dull moment. It took me a couple of minutes to compose a text message for Purple [not her real name] where I expressed my disapproval of her. I sent it to her two numbers – both smart and globe to ensure that she reads it. Although the message didn't mention any names, I guess she'd assume it was her. After that, I never received any texts from her nor a simple reply to the message I sent her. She just erased me in her list of friends in and called me a monster in her shoutout.
I really don't know what has gotten into me back then. I know I have liked her as a friend but it seemed to me she had lack of interest in keeping our friendship. So there it ended...

A couple of months later...

I tried to gain again her friendship but at the same time distanced myself from her and a few of our mutual friends. I was confused on what to do. Half of me wanted to have her again as my friend but my other half wanted to stay as far away from her as possible. Of course the latter half of me was defeated. It was hard to keep distance. I always see her in school plus both of us have the same class schedule. How'd you stay away?;p

Last year...
It was the 18th of December 2007 when I requeste
d a friend in Manila to find and purchase me a copy of Utada Hikaru's single collection. I planned on giving the CD to Purple as a Christmas gift [we always have "exchange gifts" in our class every year]. Last, last year [2006], I picked Purple. She was still my friend back then so it was easy to give her a Christmas gift. But last year, it was different. We were no longer friends. I tried my luck and took the chance. I thought to myself, "Maybe, this is it. Maybe i can talk to her and clear things out". But that was just a thought. It never really happened. Our party was canceled and so was the exchanging of gifts. I was left terribly disappointed.
I've made a post about what happened last year [here] . Just read it if you want.

Almost a year had past and it's Christmas again. While I was getting ready for school yesterday, I searched my cabinet for the gift I kept there last year. It was
still there, inside a red plastic bag [still Comic Alley's] was my gift, wrapped in a golden foil and tied with a red ribbon. After what happened last year, I kept the gift hoping that someday I may be able to give it to her. Haha.
Last night [12.17.08] was our Christmas Party. As usual, we exchanged gifts. Guess who I picked? Taahdaah! It's her again, Purple. Third time out of four. Woaa. Isn't it odd? For the past 3 years I've been picking the same name each Christmas.


Though I'm supposed to be happy now, I really can't help but wonder, "are we good? I mean, is everything gonna be alright now?” I know it can't be like before but I'm still hoping we can be friends again.
I'll just see you next year.

Taking down few things wont do much, right?.;p
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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