Monday, May 07, 2007



I feel so damn bored!not just that im bored, im totally sad. I feel alone and been thinking bout going home to Borongan. I'm in Quezon City right now, Diliman to be exact. It's been a month since I arrived here and spent my summer in a place where I know no one. Although I got to meet new people and spent some of my vacant times with new friends, I still feel that I'm not enjoying my stay here. I go out and try to have fun. I even go out at night and stay outside until the sun starts to show up. I think I just miss my other friends in Tacloban and in Borongan. Anyway, i'll be going home in two weeks but before i go home, I have a field trip in my Kas2. We'll be going to Baguio. Yahoo!hehehe

'til here guys! I'll be posting more next time.

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