Saturday, November 11, 2006

Paulo Coelho

by Paulo Coelho

Spent the day reading this book, "By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept" by Paulo Coelho. I was able to finish it this afternoon since there was no electricity. The book is about two young lovers that reunited after eleven years. They both had changed greatly. Pilar transformed into a strong and independent woman while, the guy had grown into a charismatic spiritual leader. Now this guy is confused between his love for Pilar and his religion.

After I finished the book, I took my laundries and went to check the washing machine. Got loco when the machine woudnt work.

I had tons of unwashed clothes and I also have nothing to wear on Monday. My cousin told me to wash them manually. I tried. After three shirts, my hands were in pain and i thought i cant finish my laundries. I stopped. Hang the three shirts i've washed and went to my room.

It was the first time i tried hand washing. Maybe I do wash my undies and hankies with my bare hands but it was my first time to wash my clothes. Now I remember the days when my mom tried to teach me how to wash my own clothes but always ignore her. I did try to but just one or two shirts and after that, i quit. I'm not used to do laundries on my own. My mom would hire someone else to do the laundries. Now that im in a place far from home, im having a hard time thinking what will i do to finish my laundries. Whhoow. I think i need to learn how to wash with my bare hands and get used to it.



Classes should have started last Thrusday but teachers were damn so lazy to go to their respective classrooms. I have a class at 7:00 am and went there before the time. It was really early yet my classmates were already there when i arrive. The sad thing is, our teacher didnt attend the class so we were left waiting in that boring laboratory til the bell finally rang.

On the way to the CR, we saw our prof at the faculty room and just told us that she didnt know that she should be handling the class early that morning. I really think its not right to keep us waiting.

Then yesterday, we didnt had classes because Sen. Pangilinan arrived at our school for an Inauguration Ceremony. I went to school in the afternoon and then received a text from my "crush", inviting me (and our other friends) to watch a movie at our friend's place. We only watched a single movie, "Memoirs of a Geisha", since it was already late and most of them has plans for the night. One of my friends invited me to join them that night but i declined. I just went home and spent the night with my cousins.


That would be all. I'm busy making an overlay for my friendster profile right now. I dont know how but id like to learn. Ciao! :D

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