Wednesday, November 08, 2006

After The Break


After so many days of being absent from blogging, here I am again typing my wierd thoughts on my computer. Just imagine, my dear, months have passed yet not a single post was made from me and it fells so bad not being able to - believe me.

Well, after a few months break, i thought that it would be nice if i change my layout. So, this morning, i made a new layout using a picture that I took from my field trip last semester. It is actually a beach with a swing on the side. The water was so calm making the island seem so near. Well, I'll let you guys be the judge. Tell me what you think about it. Dont worry, i wont bite you if you wont like it. :P



Things just dont happen for no reason. Right? Somehow they are bound for a purpose. Lets just say that my mind got a little preoccupied these past few days. Filled up with things that i dont understand. I've been constantly visited by dreams that doesnt seem to mean anything. Maybe they do have a meaning, i just dont understand them at all. Others say that dreams show us or tell us or even warn us on things that are about to happen. That's why I keep on wondering what's mine mean. What is actually freaky is that i still remember most parts of my dreams that is isnt usual for everyone. Normally, people wont remember anything from their dreams except for faded scenes from it. Damn! Whatever my dreams mean, I need to know and fast.

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