Friday, July 28, 2006

Calendar Break

[busy]i wasn't really onto blogging right now. it's been more than a month since i last updated my blog. there are alot of things more important for me than blogging right now. alot of changes happened since the last post i had. now i dont know how to start my new post that will sum up all the things happened to me.

i dont know what to do. it was july 3. it was the first time i woke up without a father. my dad past away the night before. i cant describe the way i felt that day. it was as if my mind was blocked and i just found myself staring blankly into thin air. now, my life is different. my ever supportive tatay is not around anymore. though i know that he's somewhere there watching over me, i'll still be missing him badly.

[birthday]i had my 17th birthday last wednesday. it wasnt so great. it was the first time that i celebrated it without my father. and yeah, one more reason is because i had an exam than afternoon and i failed to pass it. i wasnt so lucky enough to make it to the cut off. but that same afternoon, the cheque i deposited last month (which was submitted for clearing for a month since the cheque was from n.y.) has now registered on my account. as i check my atm, i found out that my account balance was already more than a hundred thousand. ive been waiting for that money. it was my scholarship money from STARR Foundation in New York. im so lucky to be accepted. it's a big help.

[end]i'll stop it here. it's a bit late and i still have to do my laundries. im not sure when i can update my blog again. be back SOON!

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