Friday, January 06, 2006

The Blogger Returns

music: mojofly - tumatakbo, craig david - im sorry

After a year, I showed up. I haven't updated this blog since high school. I've been college for more than seven months and it is just now that i've given time to check it out.

I never missed to go to internet cafes and check my friendster account if i have a new message or a testimonial. I always have the time to type just to update my blog, but I didn't. I don't know, but for some reasons i cant write what's been happenin to me these past few months. Hmm, it's just so different now.

Can't think what's been stoppin me to write here. So, I decided to check it and make some changes in my blog. Yeah, I did a perfect job in changing my layout but i still cant post anything on it that is worth reading. Now, i'm pushing myself to publish something that's good. I just dont know if i can...

Ohh, by the way, thanks to joyce and julius for reminding me to update my blog. Both of them are competing in making their blog layout bueautiful. They just told me to edit mine, too.

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