Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mr. Close-up Smile

mownin everyone!
yesterday was fine except i didnt thought of a periodical test would happen.
i went to school bout 12:50pm. i had my comm2 at exactly 1pm. my prof. entered the room and told us he's giving us our first periodical test. whoooaaa!i thought it was ok to have the test because it's just a multiple choice. what was really bad is when he gave us back our essay. my friend recah got 1.25 and mine was 1.75. it really didnt mattered to me the score i got. it's just that of what he wrote on the comment portion -- "must fix your use of prepositions". i really hate making essays. i find it hard to put my thoughts into words and i cant even make a simple paragraph to be error free. hay, how will i pass kaya my comm2?huhuhu

after my comm2, i went directly to our audio-visual room. it was time for my envisci. our prof. was supposed to show us some ppf to serve as a guide for our report on environmental problems. hay, what happened was, we just watched a movie concerning environmental problems and how to deal with them. it was really, really boring!!buti nlang katabi ko si clint. we talked nlang instead of watching. muntik na nga makatulog ung isa kong katabi kc boring talaga.

well, syempre, di mawawala ung magandang nangyari sakin today. i was in my math14 nung dumaan si kuya ___ . sheeettt, ang cute nya tlga! ung maganda pa is nung nakita nya ako nung dumadaan na siya sa door nmin. nung lumampas na siya bumalik siya and nag"hi" pa sakin. syempre lam ko na ako un kc ako lang kakilala nya dun sa room kaya ngwave ako n return..hehehe..hay, ang ganda tlga ng smile nya. tanggal ung pgkaboring ng subject..buti nlang tlga dumaan ung taong un!yehey!=)

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