Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When September Ends

When September Ends

I recently downloaded When September Ends from my friend's flashdrive...

The month of September was so tiring for me yet i had a lot of funny experiences acquired. The month started with the lively celebration of UP Sportsfest including my hometown's fiesta. I remembered I had enjoyed those days when school was not yet demanding with all the requirements for the end of the semester. Although my days and weeks after those happy moments were been tormented by my inconsiderate professors who loaded us with tons of work to do. My days never run out of mind-numbing activities. Yet, surprisingly, I was able to withstand all those problems with the help of the Almightly God and my few supportive friends.

I don't know but the things happened this month was unimaginable. Haha. I was able to do my papers & review, answered four (4) mind-boggling exams, and presented a seminar talk last week. It's quite hard. Poured some hardwork there and some luck to back it up. I even cried for nearly a week when I thought everything was slowly falling into pieces. I wanted to surrender and spend another year in UP but thank you for my friends, I was able to find new strength to do all those requirements. I thought it was already the end for me and that I'll disappoint my mom again this time. Good thing I didn't.

I'm really thankful I acquired new friends in school. I feel happy when I'm with them and it's when I'm with them that I think of my problems less. They're really a great help to me. Thank you.

September is now over. A few months more and it's already Christmas.
I'm hoping to have another great month ahead.

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