Friday, September 10, 2004

Second Chance

i dont know anything. all i was trying was to be good at my friends but they always tell everyone that im not. i tried to prove it wrong and just finding myself out of the circle. they humiliate me everytime i join them and even sometimes they do it infront of many people. they're always making fun of me that it makes me feel so up set causing the too much pain. they never tried to understand me. i felt so alone. no one cared for me for a very long time.

time had passed..many years after those unhappy moments, i found myself watching the sun rise near the sea. watching it as it slowly lights the sky. that morning i saw my friends coming near me also watching the glowing sun as it shines leaving the horizon. now i know that i was wrong. i did not changed for the good, but for the the bad...i never realized that until one of my friends told me so. i had no second thoughts about changing for the better..all i want is to have my friends back. so i tried my best. and now i find myself happy for my decision in life. it changed me a lot better than before. thanks for those who really cared for me...

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