Thursday, February 21, 2008

Point of Derision

Point of Derision

My expectations were not as high as a mountain
Nor my hopes to promises that are easily broken
To my heart that had not just once been beaten
Believing to nothing is no more like a dream.

You once spoke of a promise you’ll forever keep
Lied to me like a famous actor in camera peek
The words that resounded in my careless sleep
Desert me in disappointed hopes and dreams.

I demand with utmost despair of your tainted kindness
Why you left me lying in misery-filled iron sheds
Cushioned all over by thorns and sharpened spears
Why you mock me while suffering all these?

I leave my words of bitterness to you
Indeed you left my heart superbly aching
For once my hope is lost to someone so dear
Then nothing could be done to make things clear.

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